Call for applications! International Summer School in Lima, Perú

December 11, 2012 / Eva Nemcova

Interdisciplinary summer school: Beyond the park, Sustainable concepts for a water-scarce future, 18.02. – 03.03.2013

The international and interdisciplinary summer school is part of a larger research agenda on water-sensitive development of arid megacities. As members of the design and engineering professions, the organizers are concerned with the question of how the use of water in cities with limited water resources can be improved – connecting new technologies, methods and disciplines.
Lima, with its fast growing population of about 9 million inhabitants, is the second driest megacity of the word. The annual rainfall of only 9 mm and the scarcity of fresh water resources pose particular challenges on water and wastewater management linked to sustainable urban development strategies.
The relating institutions are partners within the application-oriented research project “ Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management in Urban Growth Centres Coping with Climate Change - Concepts for Lima Metropolitana (Perú) - (LiWa)” funded by BMBF as part of its Future Megacity research initiative. The summer school will be related to the planned implementation of a pilot project of LiWa in Lima. International teaching staff will lead the summer school together with Peruvian experts. With its interdisciplinary approach, the summer school should contribute to promote a spirit of cooperation between different institutions and develop the much-needed skills to support the sustainable urban development of arid megacities.
Application deadline: December 18th, 2012.

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