Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology

The Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology examines interactions between humans and nature and develops strategies for the design of landscapes as living environments.

The institute pursues this approach holistically through interdisciplinary research methods and planning tools established on a comprehensive understanding of ecology.

The institute’s research focus is closely linked to current local and global challenges in planning and design of urban environments. The demand for ecologically-sensitive solutions and the discussion of urban ecological issues results from the ever-increasing pressure on urban landscapes. Urban development is thus often at the expense of local green spaces and the associated biodiversity.

As a result, the institute specifically addresses current discourses to broaden the understanding of ecological issues in the conception and planning of urban landscapes – both in research and practice (and among the students supervised by the institute).


Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology

Keplerstraße 11, 70174 Stuttgart

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