Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture.

June 19, 2023

Picture: Example for vegetation structures as detected by NARVAEZ-VALLEJO et al. (2023)

Integration of Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure by Means of an Interactive and Geo-spatial Webmap-Tool

As a contribution to the nationally funded project INTERESS-I, we developed a web-based tool that balances rain and grey water drainage on the one hand, and vegetation water demand on the other. The tool combines GIS-balances of rain and grey water harvest in a catchment area and a day-by-day calculation of water demand from different vegetation structures respective of local weather history, shading situation and soil water conditions. The tool shows the drought period length a specific water storage volume can bridge.

For more details, we invite you to follow the provided link or download the accompanying PDF file.

Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture


Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Georg Schwarz-von Raumer

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