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Aktuelle Informationen zur Lehre unseres Instituts in den Studiengängen BA / MA Architektur und Stadtplanung sowie BSc/MSc Umweltschutztechnik im WiSe 2021/2022
Current information on the teaching of our institute in BA / MA Architecture and Urban Planning as well as BSc/MSc Umweltschutztechnik in winter term 2021/2022

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Lehrveranstaltungen BA / MA Architektur und Stadtplanung:

Vorlesung Einführung in die Ökologie (Fischer)
Modul 42960 Einführung Städtebau und Ökologie

Entwurf und Seminar Nature-based Marketplaces (Fischer, Jakstis, Martínez Zárate)
48180, 48190 Entwurf/Projekt Stadt und Landschaft I+II (MA)
225601 Entwurfs-/Projektarbeit im internationalen Kontext (BA)

Seminar Urban Ecology and Ecosystem Design (Fischer, Gopal)
51221 Urban Ecology and Ecosystem Design I (IUSD); 50641 (MIP) 48291 (Arch.)

Integrated Research and Design I (Fischer, Guenat & SI)
51241 Integrated Research and Design I (IUSD)

Seminar Research Methods II (Ley/SI, Fischer)
51280 Research Methods II (IUSD)

Die Platzvergabe für Studierende im BA / MA Architektur und Stadtplanung erfolgt über die Entwurfs-Platzvergabe der Fakultät 1.
Places for students in BA / MA Architecture and Urban Planning are assigned by the official assignment procedure of Faculty 1.


Lehrveranstaltungen BSc/MSc Umweltschutztechnik:

293362 Vorlesung Analyse- und Bewertungsmethoden in der Raum- und Umweltplanung
Modul 15630 Quantitative Umweltplanung

293363 Übung GIS-gestützte Analyse- und Bewertungsmethoden
Modul 15630 Quantitative Umweltplanung

29213 Vorlesung Landschaftsplanung (Schwarz-v.Raumer, Fischer, Jakstis, Maringer, Behmel)
Modul 11400 Grundlagen der Landschafts- und Umweltplanung

Es findet nicht statt:

293360 Seminar/Übung zu Umwelt- und Landschaftsplanung (Junesch, Schwarz-v.Raumer)
Modul 1561 Fallstudie Umweltplanung


Lehrveranstaltungen MIP:

27301 Lecture Introduction to Integrated Planning (Fischer)
Modul 50500 Introduction to Integrated PlaNNing



Green infrastructure facilitates the use of natural resources to generate ecosystem services including provision of edible products, clean drinking water and fresh air. Green infrastructure is vital for physical and mental well-being in cities, and is known to promote social cohesion and a sense of security. Design and planning of living environments must therefore acknowledge these intrinsic connections between nature and society and consciously develop strategies that facilitate these interactions, particularly in urban and suburban areas.

Teaching at the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology therefore combines basic principles of ecology with methods and techniques of landscape planning and design enabling targeted in-depth studies (see figure).

Figure: The teaching takes up current, socially relevant ecological and planning issues.

We work in an interdisciplinary manner on the ecological challenges in urban ecosystems and landscape planning and offer lectures, seminars and excursions for students of the following study programmes, and as part of “Studium Generale” cross-faculty courses:

  • BSc/MSc Architecture and Urban Planning
  • MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design
  • BSc/MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Infrastructure Planning
  • MSc Water Resources Engineering and Management
  • BSc Traffic Engineering


Topics for qualification work

Master Theses

Topic: Five Master's theses are offered in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The individual topics and further information can be found here:  Topics Master Theses

Environment: Faktencheck Artenvielfalt

Contact: leonie.fischer@ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de

Topic: Habitat quality and use of façade-integrated nesting aids for insects (MSc)

Environment: Master thesis pollinator structures

Contact: leonie.fischer@ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de

Topic: Biotope network in regional planning: development and application of a structuring and prioritisation methodology (MSc)

Environment: https://pudi.lubw.de/detailseite/-/publication/33693

Contact: svr@ilpoe.uni-stuttgart.de

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