Outcome of the winter semester 2021-22. NATURE-BASED MARKETPLACES

February 10, 2023

Students implement nature-based solutions in the urban context.
[Picture: ILPÖ]

The winter semester at the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology (ILPÖ) in Stuttgart was dedicated to the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS) in the urban environment. The main theme of the semester, the "Nature-based Marketplaces" module, focused on the significant potential of NBS in addressing ecological challenges. Special attention was given to public spaces, which served as ideal experimental fields for NBS due to their multifunctionality and diverse structures.

Throughout the semester, students extensively examined the concept and potential of NBS. They established technical parameters and analyzed public spaces to explore the spatial, social, and ecological potential of these areas. External experts from the fields of science, public administration, and private practice enhanced the students' understanding by sharing their experiences with NBS and public spaces. Four locations in Stuttgart were selected as design projects to address ecological, climatic, and social challenges through ecological approaches.

The results of their work reflect the context and background of the students, considering the multifunctionality of spaces with a focus on human-centered design. The concept of NBS enabled students to address societal challenges and design multifunctional green and blue infrastructure in the urban context. The winter semester at ILPÖ demonstrated the promising approach of NBS in sustainable public space design and tackling ecological challenges. The students expanded their understanding of NBS and developed innovative solutions to create livable and more sustainable urban environments, thereby providing an important impetus for future projects in the field of landscape planning and ecology.

For more information about the project, you can download the booklet provided below on this page.

Booklet for download


Prof. Dr. Leonie Fischer, M.Sc. Jesús Martínez Zárate

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