This image shows Jesús Antonio Martínez Zárate

Jesús Antonio Martínez Zárate


Scientific employee


Dietz, R.; Fokdal, J.; Gantert, M.; Ley, A.; Martínez Zárate, J., Puttrowait, E.; Stokman, A. (2020): Real-world laboratories as catalysts for urban change: The example of CASA Schützenplatz in Stuttgart, Germany. In: Fokdal, J., Ojamäe, L., Bina, O., Chiles, P. and Paadam, K. (Eds.): Enabling the city. Inter and transdisciplinary encounters. pp. 108-125

Martínez Zárate, J. (2018) – CASA Schützenplatz: Die Gestaltung öffentlicher Räume. In: Reallabor für nachhaltige Mobilitätskultur (ed.), Stuttgart in Bewegung – Berichte von unterwegs. Berlin: Jovis.

Degree in Architecture in Mexico City (2009).

Jesús Martínez Zárate worked in different architecture and urban planning offices with focus on mobility in Mexico City (2009 -2014).

From 2014 to 2016 he studied M.Sc. Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD) at the University of Stuttgart. In his master's thesis, he addressed the issue of reclaiming public space through reallabors and participatory processes.

Since 2017, he has been working in different offices in Stuttgart. He has co-developed projects in parallel that invite debate on the reclamation of public space: CASA Schützenplatz (since 2016) and Wanderbaumallee Stuttgart (since 2019).

Since June 2021 he teaches the course 'City and Landscape' at ILPÖ, which deals with the interface between architecture and ecology.

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