Outcome of the summer semester 2022. Urban Transformation: Schoettle-Areal

February 13, 2023

Integrated Research and Design II. Summer term 2022
[Picture: ILPÖ]

In the summer semester of 2022, the M.Sc. program Integrated Urbanism & Sustainable Design (IUSD), jointly conducted by the Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology (ILPÖ) and the Chair of International Urban Design at the Institute of Urban Design (SI) of the University of Stuttgart, worked on an integrated design project on urban transformation processes in Heslach, a district in Stuttgart-Süd. The building complex at Böblinger Straße 68, since 1974 the seat of the State Statistical Office, and the complex currently used by the University of Stuttgart at Böblinger Straße 70-78, were used as case studies. These two building complexes are now collectively referred to as the "Schoettle-Areal". Aiming to develop strategies and solutions through co-creative design methods, the project asked the question: how can a new Schoettle Areal drive the transformation towards a socially just, culturally diverse and productive, yet ecologically responsible Stuttgart-Süd?

In order to integrate the needs and demands of the neighbors and local actors, the project relied on local initiatives and partners such as the initiative "Solidary Neighborhood - Schoettle-Areal". In this way, the communication channels for the project were opened and staff and students were able to engage in an insightful exchange that helped to connect current local needs with the long-term development goals of a sustainable city. The IUSD program thanks all the organizations, institutions, local partners, and neighbors who contributed their ideas, time, resources, and knowledge. We hope that the visions and strategies developed in this studio can help them lead a sustainable urban transformation.

For more information about the project, download the booklet included at the bottom of this page.

Booklet for download


Prof. Dr. Leonie Fischer, M.Sc. Jesús Martínez Zárate

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