Participatory exhibition: 'Reimagining your Neighbourhood - Visions for Stuttgart West Superblock'

July 20, 2021

'Reimagining your Neighbourhood - Visions for Stuttgart West Superblock' is an exhibition that puts together research and proposals by students of the University of Stuttgart, exploring possibilities for the Superblock project proposed in Stuttgart West.

The Superblock concept can be understood as an urban planning intervention that proposes a pedestrianised neighbourhood composed of several blocks in a district, bounded by vehicular movement on the periphery. The group of blocks, the Superblock, is envisioned to serve local needs and activate street life as a public space for the neighbourhood - giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists, envisioning green areas, creating space for social encounters and allowing for people-led initiatives.

The exhibition explores potential futures that the Superblock can bring to the neighbourhood through five different lenses - Social Life, Ecology, Mobility, Actors and Governance, and Urban Experiments. It aims to create awareness about the Superblock project and to share the concepts proposed by the students for co-creating a green, lively, walkable and social neighbourhood that enhances the quality of life and sense of belonging for residents. Residents are invited to explore the proposed visions, share their opinions to shape the future of their neighbourhood, and have the opportunity to express their willingness to participate in co-creating the Superblock project.

The exhibition at the Merlin Cultural Center, Augustenstrasse 72, 70178 Stuttgart, will take place on Wednesday, July 28, starting at 16:30 and the official opening with a guided tour will take place at 19:00. Free entry //

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