Drawing of a tree by one of the participants

Girls‘ Day 2022: Wild City, the city for all

May 2, 2022

For the University of Stuttgart’s Girls’ Day on the 28th of April, the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology (ILPOE) together with the Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics (IABP) led an urban nature workshop for 13 girls in the 5th and 6th grade. With three interactive activities, the participants gained insight into urban nature: what it constitutes, ways in which it supports people, and finally how we can learn about and support urban nature. In one activity, the girls learned about and practiced nature observation skills by making the first entry in their own nature journals; In a second activity they learned some basics of plant identification and how to properly press a plant for a herbarium; In a third activity, the girls were introduced to a project about integrating nesting aids into facades in which they learned about measurement techniques, the structural basics of nesting aids, the life cycle of wild bees and how to support wild bees in their own yard or balcony at home.

Link to the University’s Girl’s Day information page: Girl's Day 2022

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