Final Presentations – Strategies for Münster.

July 24, 2023

With a line-up of guest critics from Brussels to Cairo, the Research and Design Studio 'Planning habitats for people and nature' has reached its culmination. Nineteen students are now poised to present a series of five final proposals for the urban transformation of Stuttgart Münster, with the vision of creating a resilient and socially conscious district.

01: Nexus - Interconnected Green Spaces Supporting Local Businesses and Nature Conservation.

02: Experience Network - Embracing Diversity through Flexible and Mixed Public Spaces.

03: Flow Connections and Centralities - Cultivating Social Bonds to Strengthen a Sense of Belonging.

04: Visible Synergies - Seamlessly Integrating Housing and Commerce in Underused Plots around Münster.

05: Münster Connected - Transforming Streets into Green Corridors that Foster New Hybrid Meeting Spaces.

Video transcription
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