New article on the valuation of nature and biodiversity in the city.

April 30, 2020 / Rick Lotzkes

A new scientific publication has been published in the journal "Sustainability" with the participation of ILPÖ staff.

In our new article we examine whether people who frequently walk a dog have a different view of urban nature and its biodiversity than people who do not walk a dog. Since many people who are outdoors and in nature on a regular basis have a greater valuation of the latter, we have assumed that this can also manifest itself through activities usually associated with dog exercise. Our data set of a survey with almost 4,000 people in five European cities has shown quite clearly: Surprisingly, people who are regularly outdoors with their dog have no different appreciation of urban nature than other people - and this regardless of whether they answered our questions in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden or Slovenia.

Fischer, L.K., Kowarik, I. (2020) Dog Walkers’ Views of Urban Biodiversity across Five European Cities. Sustainability 12(9), 3507.

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