Exploring the Future of Wine in Münster - Walk 02

April 25, 2023

Weinfrequenz GmbH – Florian Wachter + Theresa Wachter

As part of the summer studio  - Integrated Research and Design 2  - "Planning Habitats for People and Nature" in Stuttgart Münster, we had the opportunity to explore the city district with the smallest population in Stuttgart on April 25th. Our visit to the newly established winery, "Weinfrequenz," in Münster since 2021 prompted us to contemplate the future of urban vineyards as cultural landscapes in the face of intensifying climate change. The wine production proposed by this company veers away from monoculture and chemical use, instead emphasizing natural cycles for sustainable wine production. We also engaged in discussions about the challenges that wine production and the use of agricultural land near cities for food production may encounter. To tackle this dilemma, Weinfrequenz is integrating fruit trees into their vineyard to provide shade for the new vines, protect them from the scorching sun, and boost food production.


M.Sc. Jesús Antonio Martínez Zárate

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