Getting to know Münster - Walk 01

April 18, 2023

Frau Renate Polinski – Bezirksvorsteherin Stuttgart Münster

Frau Franziska Laue – Stadtplanungsamt LHS + Programm ‚Soziale Stadt Münster‘

Frau Simone Gretsch – Webber + Partners + Programm’Soziale Stadt Münster‘

Frau Melanie Hartmann -  Stuttgarter Grünprogramm und Bienenweiden in der Stadt

As part of the summer studio "Integrated Research and Design 2: Planning Habitats for People and Nature" in Stuttgart's Münster district, we visited the city district located behind the power plant on April 18th. We had the privilege of gaining first-hand information from Renate Polinski, the Bezirksvorsteherin, who provided insights into life in Stuttgart's smallest district and its efforts to increase its young population. Additionally, Franziska Laue and Simone Gretsch, the coordinators of the "Soziale Stadt Münster" program, shared details about the three-year initiative that connects the neighborhood's transformation efforts with state programs aimed at improving social and cultural infrastructure in Münster. Lastly, the coordinator of the Grünprogramm in Stuttgart showcased the areas where the city administration has successfully enhanced the district's green public spaces.


M.Sc. Jesús Antonio Martínez Zárate

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