Picture of a greenspace in Stuttgart (Karlshöhe)

ILPÖ was involved in the publication of a Special Issue on urban ecosystems.

February 3, 2022

In the journal "Basic and Applied Ecology", a Special Issue on "Urban ecosystems: potentials, challenges, and solutions" was published, in which the ILPÖ is also involved.
[Picture: L. Fischer]

The Special Issue is the result of 10 different papers dealing with urban biodiversity, ecosystem services and ecology, ecosystem functions and green infrastructure in European cities. A major challenge in understanding urban ecosystems and their functioning is the fact that they are very different from natural ecosystems and therefore cannot be directly transferred to urban systems. Here, in addition to the already complex influences and interactions in natural habitats, there are also the influences of humans and the environment they have changed. In this Special Issue, the researchers were able to determine new insights in biodiversity patterns in urban habitats, what influences and limits these ecosystems have and how biodiversity can be improved in such places. At the same time, the direct and indirect benefits of a large diversity of animal and plant species in the human environment are also highlighted. Thus, this work is intended to contribute to the planning and construction of cities in the future in such a way that they can provide a high quality of life for people and at the same time provide the urgently needed habitat for animals and plants.

Read the whole article here.

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