Thesis award: The Role of Bamboo in Regenerative Development

March 10, 2023

IUSD student Diana Barrera-Salazar awarded by DAIDA Foundation for her master thesis

As part of My Liveable City knowledge platform, the annual DAIDA Foundation Global Urban Thesis Award aims to acknowledge and support Master graduates, who through their work, help improve the urban infrastructure and living conditions for vulnerable groups in the rapidly growing cities of developing economies. Eligible participants are Master program students with either design or research component in subjects which are related to cities and/or urban- environmental landscape. The award theme this year was Climate Change, where 33 international master students coming from 11 different countries were competing altogether. Diana Barrera Salazar won the 3rd prize on her thesis entitled “The Role of Bamboo in Regenerative Development: The case of Guadua angustifolia in Rural Areas of Caldas, Colombia”, under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Salheen (Ain Shams University) and Prof. Dr. Leonie Fischer (University of Stuttgart).

Urban and rural areas are two sides of the same coin, as they are intrinsically dependent on each other. It is therefore relevant to address rural problems as part of the solution to urban phenomena. Hence, this qualitative research explains the potential role of guadua in promoting rural development in Caldas, through the lens of regenerative development, by exploring and describing the ecological, sociocultural, economic, and institutional dimensions of guadua as part of a socio-ecological system. To this end, a mixed-method approach was used to better understand the complex relationships between dimensions and time frames (past, present, future), combining qualitative research methods while acknowledging their strengths and limitations. 

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