International Summer School ISLAND OF DJERBA – Tunisia 22.09. – 03.10.2014

July 10, 2014 / Johannes Jörg

bis einschließlich 23.07.2014 Bewerbung für die Teilnahme

International Summer School ISLAND OF DJERBA – Tunisia
22.09. – 03.10.2014
„Towards a Sustainable Development of the Littoral Coast in Tunisia, Case study of: LELLA HADHRIA Lagoon, Island of Djerba“ 
- Landscape, Tourism and Integrated Coastal Management -

The Island of Djerba is a specific example of a human community adapting to its environment and has been recognised by the UNESCO as „Patrimony of Humanity“ just recently. Since the 1960’s the island has been witnessing intensive transformation due to the mass tourism development. The rapid urbanization of the littoral strip with hotel complexes, golf courses and marinas threatens the vernacular assets with a risk of loss of the island’s identity. Meanwhile, the island of Djerba is in need of development, but a development in a reasoned way taking into account its specificities.

The project site of Lella Hadhria, a pristine lagoon ecosystem and home to a rich fauna and flora, is threatened by development plans for a hotel complex. The attendance of different representatives and stakeholders will give us a broad understanding of existing interests as well as ongoing efforts. With an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and ecology professionals and students, the summer school wants to contribute to a spirit of cooperation.

The Summer School will be held in collaboration with Carthage University, Tunis ( Prof. Dr. Imène Zaâfrane Zhioua) and Ain Shams University, Cairo (Prof. Dr. Mohamed Salheen). During 10 days a mixed group of 8 German, 8 Egyptian and 8 German students will develop common concepts in mutual exchange of experience and much-needed skills for the support of an integrated and sustainable costal development of the Tunisian touristic infrastructure.

- The costs for transport and residence are funded by DAAD
- Wahlfachgruppe / Ergänzungsmodul Stadt und Landschaft
- für Landschaftsarchitekten, Architekten & Stadtplaner
- für Bachelor, Master & Diplom ab 5. Semester
- Anerkennung als Seminar 6 LP (Diplom 4 Pkt.)
- Maximale Teilnehmerzahl 4

Termine: Sommer Sommeruni 22.9. - 03.10.2014 sowie 4 Seminartermine, dienstags 14:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Kosten: Förderung durch DAAD (500€ Flug + Tagespauschalen)

Bewerbungsunterlagen bis einschließlich 23.07.2014 an: Johannes Jörg, oder Sekretariat ILPÖ (9.Stock)
Bitte einen kurzen Lebenslauf und max. zwei Seiten über Motivation, Vorarbeiten oder Fähigkeiten beifügen, die du in das Projekt mitbringst.

Summerschool Djerba

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