Guest lecture on "The value of biodiverse agricultural systems in our cities" by Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer

January 4, 2021 / Rick Lotzkes

We are looking forward to a guest lecture of Prof. Dr. Monika Egerer, Urban Productive Ecosystems at the TUM School of Life Sciences, who will talk about the potential of biodiverse urban agriculture.

Urban agriculture has a great potential to support biodiversity, improve ecosystem services like climate mitigation, and ultimately enhance the wellbeing of city residents. In this talk, I specifically explore the role of urban gardens to support biodiversity of plants and animals in cities, and a suite of ecosystem services and human wellbeing benefits across the world. I illuminate how such benefits are critical under global social and environmental change.

Dr. Monika Egerer (*1990) researches the ecology and management of production-oriented ecosystems in and around cities. She pursues an interdisciplinary research approach that analyzes interrelationships between biodiversity, nature and climate protection, ecosystem services and socio-ecological issues in urban systems. A special focus is on the role of insects and plant biodiversity in urban agricultural systems, especially in the context of habitat management, urbanization and climate change.

Dr. Egerer studied environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and received her PhD there. After several research stays in Australia, she joined the Institute of Ecology at the Technical University of Berlin as an IPODI postdoctoral fellow in 2019. In 2020 she was appointed as an assistant professor for Urban Productive Ecosystems at the TUM School of Life Sciences (Dept. Life Science Systems).

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