The Bamboo Route: An online seminar to reconnect with vernacular architecture.

October 12, 2020

With the support of Stuttgarter Change Labs, Construye Identidad (Build Identity), is organizing an intensive one-week series of seminars, exercises and workshops with experts from Indonesia and Peru to learn how to work with indigenous communities and architectures. Through a process of individual and group inquiry, using an indigenous community in Indonesia and bamboo construction as a case study, students will focus on learning criteria to adequately intervene with architectural projects in or around indigenous communities in tropical development countries, from an intercultural approach and through a social justice critical lens. 

Bamboo will be the case study material to illustrate the impact of local resources in the life of rural indigenous communities and to show the wide possibilities for building with it as a flexible, highly resistant, natural, economical, renewable, and sustainable material. In this route, students will learn from experts in bamboo construction and learn their insights and reflections of handling complex situations in tropical development countries.

The seminar will take place from 23-30 October, 2020. Participants will obtain 6 ECTS and a certificate once completed the Bootcamp with the final assignment.

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