New article on urban gardening during the Covid-19 crisis

October 12, 2020

An article at "The Nature of Cities" describes the possibilities of gardening in cities as a contribution to self-sufficiency during COVID-19.

In the following article, we discuss about urban gardening as an appropriate alternative of supply of vegetables, especially in times of crisis like the one we are living. In Santiago de Chile, the reduction of social contact and the long periods of lock-down, resulted in many families facing a daily challenge in terms of food supply. Sack gardening in Nairobi, Kenya and roof top and balcony gardening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are two ways to develop urban gardening that can be adapted to Santiago, and other cities with similar characteristics. Their benefits not only involve the food supply but also the opportunity to contribute to the community’s cohesiveness and help them in being prepared for future events.

Here's the link to the original publication of Constanza Cerda: Cerda, C. (2020) Urban gardening as a response to food supply issues in dense urban areas during the COVID-19 crisis. The Nature of Cities

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