Lima Beyond the Park II - Summerschool in Lima, 2013

May 9, 2013 / Antje Stokman

The video, which shows the student's design and building processes as well as the results of the Summerschool in Lima is now online.

Lima, a desert city - with limited water resources and over one million inhabitants without connection to drinking water systems. Lima, the second driest capital in the world - How do it's green spaces relate to the desert city´s water challenges? How can open spaces be designed to reduce water-consumption and be attractive, ecological and socially inclusive at the same time? These questions were tackled in a German-Peruvian summer school with 32 students from different countries and backgrounds. They developed two strategic, low-cost interventions for productive, water-sensitive and liveable open spaces within two public schools located on both sides of the Chillón River.

This video shows the students´ design and building process as well as their results. The summer school was funded by DAAD and was part of the pilot project of the application-oriented research project "Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management in Urban Growth Centres Coping with Climate Change - Concepts for Lima Metropolitana (Perú) - (LiWa)" funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and was organized by the ILPÖ institute of the University of Stuttgart


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