Seminar: Lokal Schützenplatz

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17.07.2017 - 31.07.2017
Dipl.-Ing. Marius Ege, Dipl.-Ing. Katarina Bajc, Vertr. Prof. NN
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Stuttgart is struggling with active public life on its squares, which by de nition should offer the city an arena for chance and organized encounters. Urbanistic ideals of the “autogerechte Stadt” deeply rooted in the local culture are causing impoverishment of spatial qualities, but also eco- nomic and ecological problems. As a consequence, the majority of public squares are lled with traf c lanes and parking spots clogged with pollution, noise and are overall uninv ting to linger. Charlottenplatz, Österreichischer Platz and Rotebühlplatz, are just a few examples.

This module aims to develop an understanding of the value of open space design and the capacity to activate public spaces, especially those with automobile priority. Therefore on Schützenplatz,
a neighbourhood already eager to transform their current environment, a physical intervention with a focus on social and ecological improvements will be implemented. With a hands-on appro- ach, the students will take part in a participative process with the neighbours of Schützenplatz

to design and build a mobile structure that combines the activation of public space with urban greening.
Over the course of the semester three one-day workshops for analysis, brainstorming and idea-generation in collaboration with the neighbours of Schützenplatz will be organized. Poss ble interventions may address the implementation of green mobile elements which can be „par- ked“ on the square and the re-design of Schützenplatz with mobile furniture to establish a link between the open spaces and a communityrun adjacent store. These preparative meetings will culminate in a two-week intensive workshop with the aim to design and build the beforehand generated ideas. This will give impulses and ideas for the upcoming of cial conversion of Schüt- zenplatz by the city of Stuttgart in 2019.

The seminar is offered in collaboration with the „Reallabor für nachhaltige Mobilitätskultur“ ( and the faculty ́s „1zu1 - Architektur als social Design“.


Application at ILPÖ with secretary until 25.04.2017
3 x one day workshops during semester time: dates to be announced.


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