Internationaler Entwurf: Lima: Beyond the Park II / Bachelor + Diplom

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Water sensitive urban design and LiWa pilot projects in Lima, Perú

Punktzahl: 12,0 LP
Lehrpersonen: Prof. Antje Stokman, MSc. Arch. Rossana Poblet
Termine: Dienstags 14-17 Uhr
Sprache: English, Spanish



There will again be the opportunity for 10 students (Bachelor and Diploma) to join the future megacities program focusing in water sensitive urban design in dry regions. Together with project partners from other faculties, universities, NGOs and public institutions in Germany and Perú we are aiming at sustainable urban and landscape planning strategies of one of the crucial lifelines – water and sanitation.

Lima is one of the world ́s driest megacities. Water supply is mainly from its regulated rivers that are shaping green valleys in the mountainous desert. Drinkable water is obtained after a very long and expensive process but its use is not efficient. Great amounts of drinkable water are used to irrigate green open spaces in urban areas, while at same time, almost a million people are not connected to the public network. Only 10% of the wastewater is recycled for the irrigation of open spaces and the urban water is not closing the loop.


Within this studio project, we will evaluate, propose and implement landscape design strategies that are not simply based on a park image design - but on a park performance design.

In cooperation with Peruvian project partners and a student group from Lima, we will develop water sensitive urban design strategies for different types of parks in Lima. That will allow converting inefficient and disconnected green open spaces into multifunctional open spaces as part of the ecological infrastructure network. An international excursion / summer school in Lima in FebruaryMarch 2013 will allow us to discuss and implement our ideas on the ground, working together with the local community and authorities.

Additionally an internship in the LiWa-project in the summer term 2013 in Lima is offered, building up on the results of the studio and involving the students in the further process of the project.

The studio will be taught in English - Spanish language skills are recommended for the summer school /  internships (courses offered by international office in winter term).

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