Urban Ecology and Ecosystem Design/ Msc. IUSD - Msc. MIP - Msc. & Dipl. Architektur

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Tuesdays, - 9.15 - 10:45 am, and 11:15 am - 1.45pm, K1 9.06

14. Oktober 2014

Prof. Antje Stokman
Dipl.Ing.-Moritz Bellers

This module will present the basic principles of urban ecology and ecosystem design theory applied to urban environments. At the core of this module stands the question how we can understand cities as dynamic ecosystems and how we can integrate ecological principles into urban and landscape planning. The module aims to make students reflect critically on how urban landscapes are conceptualized, planned and implemented. The module will give an overview on actual environmental challenges related to the urban environment and explain the effects of infrastructure development on landscape structure and function – drawing on knowledge from the fields of ecology, engineering and landscape architecture. It will introduce different theories that try to re-center landscape planning and design around the goal of designing green infrastructure systems rather than creating beautiful and luxury landscape images. Responding to contemporary urban and infrastructure development challenges, this course brings together a series of innovative concepts and theories to discuss different methods, models and measures of ecological design of combined landscape and infrastructure systems for the 21st century.

Students will be assessed by a study-accompanying examination consisting of three exercises in the course of the semester. Students will be assessed both on the active participation and performance during the semester and the final results of the exercises to be handed in at the end of the semester. Students will receive a combined mark.

Module “Ecosystem Design and Integrated Infrastructure Planing” which consists of
a lecture and a seminar part: Lecture 3LP + Seminar 3LP = 6LP (Diplom: 4 Punkte)
Obligatory for IUSD students as Core Module.
We offer 10 additional places for MIP- and Diplom/Master Architecture students.

This Module will be taught in English only.

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