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Niklas Best

M. Sc.

Scientific employee


Keplerstraße 11
70174 Stuttgart

Niklas Best obtained his Bachelor's degree in Geoecology (BSc 2019) and his Master's degree (MSc 2023) from the University of Tübingen. This interdisciplinary program focuses on Earth's ecosystems, with an emphasis on the complex interactions between lithosphere, pedosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Niklas's research interests are ecology and biodiversity, with a specific focus on botany. He completed a semester abroad at Umeå University, where he conducted research on Arctic ecosystems at the Abisko Research Station. In his master's thesis, he developed a method for assessing and evaluating ecosystem services related to biodiversity and carbon sequestration in urban areas for the Flächenagentur BW.

Since 2018, Niklas has been working as a research assistant, actively involved in teaching, research, data collection, and analysis in various institutes. Additionally, he has been working at the Stuttgart Natural History Museum since 2020 and has pursued freelance work as a field ornithologist. As of April 2023, Niklas Best has been employed as a scientific employee at ILPÖ.

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