Development of a resilient campus through nature-based solutions

The goal of this project is to facilitate exchange among participants that would like to initiate, implement, and maintain nature-based solutions (NBS) that act as ‘Climate Oases’ on the university campus, and thereby develop recommendations for the implementation of climate adaptation measures.

The project aims to understand how NBS can move from initial conception to long-term application within the complex structure of a public institution. In this way, the project addresses a content-related organizational point that is currently perceived as an obstacle in the implementation of NBS in such environments.

Exchange regarding the implementation of NBS will be facilitated using examples of green elements close to buildings and complementary infrastructures on the university campus. The ‘Climate Oases’ will include various adaptation measures that address diverse organizational and ecological challenges and potentials. 

The ‘Climate Oases’ will be prepared conceptually in the consortium and then discussed and evaluated in a workshop series with university stakeholders. The results of this workshop series will be presented to the University’s ‘Round Table Climate’ committee. These results may act as a concrete building block in the ‘University of Stuttgart roadmap for climate neutrality,’ thereby contributing to the climate adaptation strategy of the university.

The overall project goal is the implementation NBS as ‘Climate Oases’ on the university campus for climate adaptation with an emphasis on the evaluation of organizational structures and potential implementation barriers, and to connect this with the current discourse on campus climate adaptation. 

Website:  KlimaOasen

Funding: Stuttgart Climate Innovation Fund, Grant ‘Efeu’

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